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    After the long and treacherous drive on gravel we finally got to the tasting room and found Nico(winemaker) and Jan(german intern) in tasting room.

    Nico:”how can i help you”
    Uncle Tom and Drew:”we would like to wine taste”
    (pause a bit of silence and hesitancy)
    Nico(looks at Jan as if to give him instructions):”right ok its R200 to wine taste 4 wines is that ok?”
    Uncle tom and Drew(a bit dismayed)” Umm I included your wine in a varietal tasting at Robertos restaurant about a month ago and was really interested in the Syrah for our wine list. I did however mention to Katrin that i only list once i have visited the farm.”?

    An hour and a half later we sitting on the table with about 8 wines open after an informative and very personal tasting with Nico and Jan which began with some Geography and ended with some 2005’s and 2006’s open
    The wines range as a whole is right up there with some top traditional favourites. Just feel that if it R200 to wine taste then hopefully you get to take the leftovers home.
    However we got our wine tasting for free