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  1. Profile photo of Cheryce Hall

    Beautiful farm. Liked the chocolate and wine pairing. Lovely wines, Love the Rose-Mary, always been a favourite of mine, also the dessert wine was yummee – a litchi flavoured-wine, would go brilliantly with ice-cream 🙂 Cab Sauv also a must-have.

  2. Profile photo of Suretha van der Spuy

    Always, always a great place to visit. A big thank you to Melvin and Jessica for the great cellar tour and tasting – always great to taste with people who really know what they are talking about and have such an obvious passion for what they do. Kevin Arnold Shiraz = champion!!

  3. Profile photo of Chris Weldon

    Whenever I have friends visit from overseas I bring take them to Waterford. Well-informed staff, all of the wines in the chocolate and wine pairing are delicious, beautiful location and venue.

  4. Profile photo of Lieze Norval

    Beautiful!After many recommendations I finally went to Waterford for their famous chocolate tasting. Though I’m not one for the chocolate and wine thing, it was well presented and the chocolates were well paired with the wines. The Waterford wines are worth a visit, and the atmosphere is relaxed and the staff very friendly and helpful.

  5. Profile photo of Patrick Boonstra

    This estate just breathes atmosphere. Wonderful place to just wander around, enjoy the surprisingly nice wine-chocolate-combination (at any moment of the day). The homely setting made up by the buildings, people and decorations (have a look at their books & coffeetables) makes you feel quite at home.

  6. Profile photo of Hennie Coetzee

    Kevin Arnold Shiraz, The Jem… what more do you want? The chocolate and wine pairing is a gimmick… but it works. Nice experience on each of my visits.

  7. Profile photo of Neil Bent

    This is visually one of the nicest wineries I have visited. Wines are tasted in a lovely courtyard with a very Italian and French feel.

    The wine and chocolate pairing is different, as one might like a certain wine but not the chocolate. Great wines none the less.

    Waterfort should be on everyone’s list when visiting the Stellenbosch winelands.

    Cheers, and enjoy!

  8. Profile photo of Stephan Steyn

    Such a fantastic venue for a vineyard, great views around and wines that will stop you from leaving to soon! will go back to try some more wines someday!!! the setting of the tasting center and the place is stunning in terms of the Tuscan feel!

  9. Profile photo of Martin van Oordt

    Loved the chocolate and wine tasting. The entire setting from when you enter the farm is true to the theme of the farm. Beautiful courtyard setting with the fountain and all.

  10. Profile photo of Andrew Chigorimbo

    classy farm with stunninng garden and surrounds. wines are incredible from the Peacan stream range to the Kevin Arnold and the Waterford label.
    still think chocolate and wine should be abolished

  11. Profile photo of Anel Grobler

    Waterford Estate is the only place in South Africa that should be allowed to have the Tuscan look, cause they can pull it off.

    A friendly dog, friendly and well trained staff and great wine. What more can you ask for? Our host Amy made our tasting fun and memorable. We opted for the wine tasting only (end of the month salty-crack time) and I enjoyed each and every sip. I’ve done the chocolate and wine tasting a few years back and it was great. I don’t really like chocolates that much, but their chocolates are yummy!

    Anything negative? It’s time to paint the speed-bumps guys…..but then again, it contributed to a great overall experience.

  12. 0.0

    Beautiful setting and very unusual chocolate and wine pairing – it does work! We did their full tasting too and it did work out to be quite expensive. Did not like their reds particularly, but their whites were good

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    This is one of my all time favorite wine farms. The wine farm is very beautiful with a romantic feel…the kind of place that is perfect for a wedding. I adore their wines, the Cabernet Sauvignon being my favourite. It’s rich and complex with a perfect balance that lends to an incredibly smooth wine. I would describe their wines as ‘old world’ with a french style. It’s hard to imagine pairing wine with chocolate but Waterford does so and pulls it off! I highly recommend you experience this for yourself!