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  1. Profile photo of Samantha Dumezweni

    Wow! this is i of my favourate wine farm, the old style of wine making,and where do you to tasta 2003 and 04 wines? still with potential of a maturation for more that years still. I cant believe it, but it’s true!

  2. Profile photo of Hennie Coetzee

    Love the fact that the wines are old school, current vintage available to buy is 03!!! We also got some 1998 Cab! Not many places can boast older vintages as current releases. Great tasting wines with a lot of body. A place to get excited about.

  3. Profile photo of Ann-Marie Breen

    Great place for last tasting before heading back to Cape Town and the food in the Pomegranate restaurant is delicious. Smack your lips after tasting their mushroom crepe – sublime

  4. Profile photo of Robyn Saul

    I love this winery, with the quaint old Dutch buildings housing the tasting rooms and restaurant. The wines are always well aged before they are released and represent good value for money. The port is superb and we never leave without a bottle in hand.

    If only there were more time in the world I’d visit every time I’m down in Cape Town.

  5. Profile photo of Tandy Sinclair

    the lady who helped us was most knowledgeable about the wines – the port is fantastic and we have taken a bottle home to enjoy. The estate is beautiful and it was great to walk around the old house. We will be visiting again.

  6. Profile photo of Mark Pryce

    Nice farm with excellent quality wines. Was a bit packed with tourists when we were there but still got some good service from the hostess. Very nice Merlot

  7. Profile photo of Carla Swanson

    ‘n Swerm eende – glo Indiese Runner Eende en ‘n passie van John Faure, begroet ons skewelyf, soos diakens wat met hul hande gevou agter hul rûe stap. Die eendeparade het uurliks plaasgevind as deel van die Helderberg Wynfeesprogram. Piekniek, wynvatproe en gesofistikeerde aandetes was ook op die program. Veteraanmotors was ook uitgestal neffens statige mans met Panama hoede wat die motors betrag het en dames opgetof met krale en sonhoede wat gekoer het oor die mooi tuine en statige geboue. Ou geld en defnitief ouwêrelds!

    Selfs die wyn is oud en beleë met die jongste wyn wat gepars en gebottel is in 2003! Christel, ‘n pragtige, imponerende vrou, het ons meesterlik van die wyne en dié derde oudste wynplaas in die Kaap vertel. Slegs rooi wyne word geproduseer en die vlagskip Vergenoegd Landgoedwyn 02 verdien elkeen van die vier Platter sterre – elegant, manjifiek gebalanseerd en fluweelsag! Die komplekse Shiraz 02 sal ‘n goeie metgesel wees om jou tot op jou oudag te begelei – jy sal dit lewenslank wil drink, so besonders is dit!

    Later stap ons rond en verkyk ons die aan die Faure-geslagte se antieke meubels, boeke en artifakte. Vergenoegd is sowaar is fees vir die oog! Ons laat die komieklike eende en die statige atmosfeer agter en verlaat die plaas in ‘n goeie luim – vergenoegd…

  8. Profile photo of Anel Grobler

    Not my first visit and definitely not my last. There’s just something about this place that makes you want to come back for more.

    Vergenoegd was one of the farms that we visited during the media launch of the “Amazing Race though the Winelands” and we were fortunate enough to meet the owner/winemaker John Faure. What an interesting man! He first shared his passion for wine with us and then his passion for Indian Runner Ducks.

    He took us on a tour and showed us the duck pens and breeding room. These feathery friends are used to fight the snail problem in the vineyards. What a great, natural way of dealing with a problem.

    Make sure you ask to see the “Runners” next time you visit Vergenoegd. It’s really interesting and definitely something that you won’t see every day.

  9. Profile photo of Stephan Steyn

    A great vineyard to visit in a great setting, with the wines amplifying the whole experience! a great range of wines as well!! a very classic feel to the whole vineyard…

  10. Profile photo of Martin van Oordt

    Once get down the very long drive pass the barren landscape, take the corner for a short drive pass a tranquil dam and reach the main building and tasting room, you do indeed realize that you have gone far enough. Lovely drive, the road just needs a bit of maintenance. . . The farm building is old and vintage and also a museum with memorabilia from an age long forgotten. If you are one for the traditional, this is the place to park your wine cart. And all of this is reflected in the wines . . .

    Our Lady O’Vino, Sam, was cool and collected. She introduced us to their selection of ancient wines: The Merlot 2003 was my personal favourite and a close second was their Estate Wine which is a Bordeaux Style Blend. The 2002 Port was nice and easy, not too sweet and not too spicy (mmmm!).

    Oh, and check out the water foul should you ever decide to visit this farm. The geese and ducks are considered labourers as they go into the vineyards to rid it of snails and pests. The farm is considering to honour them in their new range of whites and rose’s.


  11. Profile photo of Anel Grobler

    Vergenoegd wine farm dates back to 1696 and the word means: “Satisfaction has been achieved.”

    The year of 2002 was apparently a good harvest year for the wine in this region. The host Welos Pungu was friendly and had a great aura about her. She also showed us one of the most interesting bottle openers’ that I have ever seen! Go check it out

  12. Profile photo of Andrew Chigorimbo

    Everything about Vergenoegd says Old school classic. Fromthe tasting room to the cellar and even the fantastic restaurant.
    At about 3 pm on sunday’s they have a duck run you get to see 300 ducks being taken for a walk by the Chef Mike.
    The wines are all aged and fantastic very hard to put down wines as classic as these just wish i could afford them.