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  1. Profile photo of Rory Buckley

    Mischa Estate is a farm that you should visit. Andrew (wine maker) is a very friendly and down to earth guy. From arriving he was very welcoming and showed us around the winery. I also have to say that the views from Mischa are amazing. One can sit out at the pool and just enjoy the beautiful scenery. Back to the wines, Cerno – a must. This is their premium wine and well worth it. To be honest, I enjoyed everything and am a big fan!! Great wine!!!!

  2. Profile photo of Jacques Schreuder

    I have only recommended a handfull of wines to friends and the Merlot 2009 rates amongst the best I have ever tasted. You will not find a nicer family run farm and the passion is contagious.

    The coffee is very good and a treat for special occassions, like very morning.

  3. Profile photo of Henk KLijn

    Mischa is one of the best places to visit – one of the best wines in the country has to be Cerno. They are also doing a great Roussanne which promises to be huge. Nice people – good wine – you cannot go wrong. By the way, the Eventide Viognier is unsurpassed and is the VNS.

  4. Profile photo of Hennie Coetzee

    Absolutely remarkable place to visit, with world class wines, incredible views and nice people to boot. Make the time and effort to visit. Chances are you will get Andrew the wine maker and the full story on each of the wonderful wines. They over deliver on price, with all bar one R100 or less.

  5. Profile photo of Maggie Mostert

    What a wonderful Estate with fantastic wines. They have 2 ranges (prices start at less than R100) and this is value for money without compromising on anything – wines are elegant yet structured. Loved the tasting with the wine maker – will recommend this estate and their wines far and wide. Oh and the place is beautiful too!

  6. Profile photo of Bubbles MacEchern

    I visited with a severe hangover, from the previous day and night of drinking wine. We had arranged a tasting for 10 am Sunday morning and were regreting it hugely. Sensing our hangover we were offered coffee and a tour of the farm before we started tasting. The wines were not dispointing – delicious. I am so glad Andrew took the initiative to start making wines at Mischa. The family were so welcoming and friendly we had to go back time and time again to drink more of their top quality wines. Very happy to see they are doing so well; they deserve it.

  7. Profile photo of Mischa Wines

    @Drew Master – Our sincerest apologies for your unfortunate experience. We are small farm so can only open by appointment. The price of our tasting is R250 as it has always been which barley covers the cost of the wines we open for a tasting which value well over R600 and we don’t charge for tastings if there is a purchase. Our wines price from R55 to R500. Please contact me so we can find way to make it up to you. -Andrew Barns -021 864 1020

  8. Profile photo of Andrew Chigorimbo

    We where greeted by a man who is supposedly the owner or farm manager. He looked and sounded very reluctant to help us. He first asked us who we were and if we were all English speaking, to which we all said yes to. He then told us that tasting was a bit pricey and he went on to make up a price. Sensing the reluctance in his voice we told him that we would head elsewhere.

  9. Profile photo of Garreth Flynn

    I consider the wines of exceptional value and quality, especially as they age. I regret that I only have a single bottle of the 2006 Mischa Merlot left in my collection. My personal preference is for the Mischa ranges of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon in as far as the reds are concerned. The Eventide Sauvignon Blanc is spectacular, however it’s the Viognier that’s captured my attention.

  10. Profile photo of Devin Lester

    Stayed over at Mischa’s guest cottage during the Wellington wine festival. Mischa’s moroccan tent setup was awesome and their red wines are fantastic! We received 10% off any purchases since we stayed there. The reds were about R100 per bottle, I reckon this is justified given the quality.

  11. Profile photo of Anel Grobler

    The reason why I started Spit or Swallow. I went there a year ago (March 2007) and was informed that the tasting fee is R250 per person refundable if you purchase R350 wine. The average price of a bottle was R200, which means you will have to spend R400 or more in order to cover the tasting (and that’s per person) Looking forward on doing a review on them some time in the near future. Hopefully things have changed by then, or maybe their wine turns into gold after 5 years?