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  1. Profile photo of Diana Procter

    The tasting room staff member was super efficient, maybe a little too much so as I felt our tasting was a little rushed. I preferred the top-end wines. We also enjoyed a pleasant, country-style lunch at the restaurant on the property.

  2. Profile photo of Natalie Marco

    The newly revamped restuarant isn’t run by the wine farm as the chef leases it herself. The ambience is amazing and the decor most comfortable with many tables. The place was recommended by locals and we could see why. The food was incredible and we enjoyed everything. Personal attention from the waitress and chef, so worth visiting, ignore all the previous reviews. One negative, the vintages of wines on the winelist were not what they had in stock to serve us so it should really be updated. But once we did decide what to drink we were super impressed. The Pinotage 2007 was great. The next day we did a tasting and while the white was a little bland the reds were fantastic. We will definitely be going back to get some more of the wines as they are only available from the farm. Seriously people you need to go to the restuarant. The guest house also offers specials including a 3 course meal and bottle of wine at the restuarant. We will be staying there next time we are in the area.

  3. Profile photo of Maggie Mostert

    Wines are poor, one even oxidised (they clearly don’t get a lot of visitors). Tasting room lady friendly and helpful.. Restaurant is not recommended – 2 tables and they still had us wait more than 40 minutes for a basic meal. Again, friendly staff…but not good enough.

  4. Profile photo of Hennie Coetzee

    Super mediocre experience. Made us wait for over 40 minutes for a steak roll and managed to bugger it up as well. Tasting room lady very very friendly, but unfortunately the wines let her down.

  5. Profile photo of Paul Robinson

    This was a great place to have lunch and get married with their private chapel and reception rooms. The Pinotage stood out as the favourite but the wines are overpriced.