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  1. Profile photo of Martin van Oordt

    We were welcomed by La Cucaracha played by a lonely accordion player on the stoep which set the tone for our visit here during the Stellies Wine Fest. We speared towards one of the mini-marquis and were entertained with a butcher’s vergion of a sabrage. This is also were we met a delightful local who entertained us with stories from the country-side, a self proclaimed patriarch with the charisma of Ricky Martin himself. Up next was an old favourite: Blaauwklippen

  2. Profile photo of Stephan Steyn

    so the first impression was great, a beautiful building and scenery surrounding the tasting venue.. the design of the tasting room is very funky, cosy and spacious for people with a big outside area for bigger groups to sit and have a good time.
    the wines were good, and were of a easy drinking style and had good characters to them which impressed, the Grand Vin Chenin blanc 2008 was a good example
    perhaps the staff could make students feel more welcome…. was a small let down indeed for some good wines and a great venue, they are after all the future wine drinkers!

  3. Profile photo of Marion Lille

    First impressions really do matter, and the interior at the L’Avenir tasting room made a very positive one. It is clear that some thought and effort has been put into making the place visually appealing.
    The tasting assistants are always friendly and helpful and all their wines are available for tasting for a small fee.
    Unfortunately none of their wines really stood out for me, but the overall tasting experience is most definitely overwhelmingly positive.

  4. Profile photo of Andrew Chigorimbo

    Credit must be given to L’avenir owners for tranforming what was possibly one of the most hideous buildings and tasting venues not sure what sentinel was doing.
    The staff at L’avenir do not like students and they make a point of making you feel unwelcome. Pity coz their wines are good.

  5. Profile photo of Anel Grobler

    Whether you are young, old, drunk, sober, funky or a nerd, L’avenir will welcome you to their lovely estate.

    The tasting room manageress was friendly, informative and easy going. She made everyone feel welcome and made our tasting enjoyable.

    The tasting room is hip and funky and I really like the look. They had a nice corner where one can relax on the couches and enjoy the tasting even more. The wine is good, but a bit pricey for what you get.

    L’Avenir has a four star lodge as well, that consist out of eleven suites, each with they own terrace or deck. It’s well worth a visit.

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    Except if you are a student/from a hostel – then you are made to feel very unwelcome!

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    Beautiful farm, good wines and very modern and up market tasting rooms with views of the helshoogte pass. The wines are very good, very social drinking wines and also well priced. I was not impressed with the fact that instead of a beautiful set of couches and chairs, there were bar chairs and tables and my pet hate a counter! But all that aside I really think this is a beautiful and very social venue for large groups and also for STUDENTS, mostly for a small tasting fee you can taste all the wines! This venue is very well suited for students and or groups who like to taste wines (good ones!) in a beautiful and posh setting!!!!