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  1. Profile photo of Jolandi Jv Vuuren

    The best wine estate experience with personal attention and well-answered questions by our friendly host Suretha van der Spuy! Kleine Zalze has a wine for every palate and all occasions. Definetely worth a visit, we will be back!

  2. Profile photo of Kleine Zalze Cellardoor

    We would love to hear all Wine Flies’ comments and suggestions. We would love to improve on the whole experience here at Kleine Zalze – please visit us and tell us what you think.

  3. Profile photo of Cindi Page

    The Chenin Blanc and the Pinotage is value for money. The Vineyard Selection Chardonnay is really something special…to the point that i’m not keen to really share it:)

  4. Profile photo of Douglas Swanson

    Popped in just before closing time to taste their latest vintages – wines were good. The staff seemed to have issues behind the counter with each other – leaving other guests (tourists) guessing as to whether they were going to be served or not.

  5. Profile photo of Juan Locke

    Stunning location just off Strand street & home to the ever famous restaurant, Terroir. Beautiful settings giving off that traditional wine farm feeling. Have not taken the time but after just a quick perusal of the menu & restaurant…….. I look forward to experiencing it first hand…… ;P

  6. Profile photo of Stephan Steyn

    so i finally got to visit this place, a smooth drive to the tasting venue which is very simple yet refined and a “feel good” place to be, with the host being very friendly and knows the wine!
    the wines that were tasted were all great, with the barrel ferment chenin blanc appealing to my palate quite well indeed and a chardonnay that seems to be a good example of a wooded chardonnay..
    will make another stop here someday to go and try the restaurant!
    had a great stop here

  7. Profile photo of Carla Swanson

    Die wynplaas neffens Tegnopark is bekend vir sy wyne asook sy Terroir restaurant. Ongelukkig was die restaurant se kombuis reeds gesluit toe ons opdaag Saterdagmiddag met die Helderberg Wynfees. ‘n Gratis bottel wyn was aangebied saam met elke paartjie se ete tydens die fees.

    Die proelokaal was stampvol en ons het onsself onder die eike tuisgemaak, met wit kapokhoendertjies wat in die tuin skrop. Die proe en die plaas blyk vreeslik goed georganiseerd te wees, maar ongelukkig grens dit taamlik naby aan gekommersialiseerd wees. Verpakte beskuitjies was ‘n bonus saam met die vier wyne wat ons probeer het: Sauvignon Blanc Family Reserve 08; Pinot Noir 08; Cabernet Sauvignon Barrel Matured 07 en Pinotage 08. Die Pinot Noir neus was skaam, en die wyn sag op die tong; die Pinotage was baie drinkbaar.

    Ons sien daarna uit om terug te keer om die restaurant se disse saam met die wyn te geniet.

  8. Profile photo of Marion Lille

    This estate’s wine just never disappoints. Their budget label wines are extremely good value for money. I particularly enjoyed their Shiraz/Mourvedre blend. It’s rich and spicy without being too heavy. Their Gamay Noir is an interesting varietal. It’s an unwooded red wine that can be served chilled and will be perfect for summer.
    Their vineyard selection is top quality for not a lot of money. I particularly enjoyed the 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon.
    Their flagship Family Selection wines are knock-outs. Quite pricey, but absolutely fantastic. The other day I opened a bottle of the Family Selection Shiraz and was genuinely sad when the bottle was finished. Excellent wine!

  9. Profile photo of Anel Grobler

    Just as we thought our tasting day can not get any better, Kleine Zalze proved us wrong. Lida Coertzen was so bubbly, energetic and passionate! Very few people can compete with such a natural spirit! Ricardo was just as sweet and we could not have asked for better service!

    The wines that we tasted were very yummy. Personal favourites: 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon @ R79 and the 2007 Shiraz. Worth visiting over and over again! We talked a lot, drank a lot and had a fantastic time.