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  1. Profile photo of Frikkie Nel

    Feb. 2012 The very unique tasting room using the old concrete fermentation tanks dating from the old days still with the red wine stains on the walls, giving a wonderful ambience. The 2010 Sauvignon Blanc was excellent. the 2011 Sauvignon Blanc and 2010 Merlot were good wines. The rest of the wines not mentionable.

  2. Profile photo of Vernon Versfeld

    Enjoyed a superb personal tasting with Karin de Villiers (KR’s winemaker) on a day they would have been closed. Good job I phoned ahead, just to check. “Not a problem” said KdV, and opened especially for us. How AWESOME is that!!! This is a boutique winery with a very unique tasting room using old cement fermentation tanks dating back to 1958 as the setting. You can still see the level of age old wines by the stains on the walls, giving a wonderful ambiance. We tasted four wines, two Sauv Blancs, a Merlot and a Cab Sauv, all of which are very palatable. Would certainly recommend that you visit.

  3. Profile photo of Daniël Maree

    Pity it is not always open, tasting room is nicely done and cool, personal touch is usually apparent.
    Whites vary from amazing to average, the Merlot might be the best I’ve tasted, at times, also a bit inconsistent.
    People tell me the olives they sell are tasty (don’t ask me I hate olives)

  4. Profile photo of Jaco Cloete

    I always had a wonderful experience at Klein Roosboom with Karin’s (winemaker) personal attention and their wines are a must. Try the newly released MCC bubbly. It’s an experience on its own. Only 500 bottled. I can’t wait till my next visit.
    Thanks Karin! 🙂

  5. Profile photo of Douglas Swanson

    Rose petals on the floor, rustic winery decor, lovely wines, we had a great experience and the people serving us were great as well. NIce touch with the biscuits and olives on the tables.

  6. Profile photo of Charl Merwe

    Fantastic wines, Great people, wonderful atmosphere!!!!
    One of those, you have to do it, to believe it !!!
    Artistic feeling all-around and great views. Just look at there Profile pic.

  7. Profile photo of Menno Schagen

    Klein Roosboom has brilliant wines and the greatest atmosphere. I even had my wedding photos taken at Klein Roosboom and they helped out with everything!! Fantastic!

  8. Profile photo of Anel Grobler

    We had a very good tasting experience at Klein Roosboom on a rainy Saturday morning. Laura was our host and made us feel right at home. They also had a variety of cheeses and fresh bread which worked extremely well with the wines on tasting. Definitely a hidden little gem.

  9. Profile photo of Penny van Rooyen

    Blissful and delectably tasteful! Love love… love love love all the wines.
    With regards to the family giving it their all and compassion for being so envolved – Thumbs up guys! Thank you for always welcoming me with your astonishing ambience. Love Penny x

  10. Profile photo of Jaco Cloete

    What a great atmosphere with wonderful people with a passion for what they are doing and the international look on the way make it more special to visit. The wines are of outstanding taste. Their Merlot is a must as well as the Bandana Blanc. Special tastes of the Durbanville wine area. It all makes you want to go back. Cheers guys!

  11. Profile photo of Hein Oosthuizen

    Fantastic wines, atmosphere is eclectic. Bandana Blanc an easy drinking wine and the SB more complex but excellent! Very enjoyable addition to the Durbanville selection!

  12. Profile photo of Christina de Jongh

    What a nice experience! An absolute undiscovered gem! So refreshingly unpretensious and real. My favourite is the Klein Roosboom Sauvignon Blanc (love the glass top). An absolute bargain for excellent quality!

  13. Profile photo of Dion Martin

    Tried the Merlot last year, very young but minty, fynbos, lavender quality. If you can get hold of a bottle you are in for treat. The also make a MCC that is lying in wait, something to look forward to you.

  14. Profile photo of Jan Langenhoven

    Got called in by the flags next to the road well done Durbanville and what good wines and excellent service. Very nice to sit down and have a cheese platter.

  15. Profile photo of Diana Procter

    The tasting room is part of an interesting old cellar building and the tasting was offered by the wine maker Karin de Villiers. Both Sauvignon Blancs (quaffter and more serious) are good examples of why Durbanville is recognised as a top area for this grape. Her Merlot was sold out with new vintage just bottled so not yet available for tasting. Cheese platters offered as well.