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  1. Profile photo of Cobus Coetzee

    Great setting great potential, 4 wine, a sauvignon blanc with grapes from bonnievale, a unwooded chardonnay, a shiraz and merlot. The merlot was great, the rest average, the service super lame. I practically had to do my own tasting, no wonder i where the only one there. A 7 but not for the wine but for the setting!!

  2. Profile photo of Dion Martin

    Great location, great decor. Pity it ended there. R20 for a tasting, no problem there, but the wines were so warm it was like coffee. Really left a sour taste.

  3. Profile photo of Andrew Chigorimbo

    We were served by a gentlemen called donovan who did nothing but just pour wine and leave. We kinda felt unwanted. Not even a welcome or a smile or just a bit of info about the wine. Such a pity especially for a farm with this much potential with such a cozy feel about it.
    Wines were a much better than the hosts but not good enough to overshadow the wonderfull hospitality
    So awesome we will not go back there again

  4. Profile photo of Jonathan Andrews

    I spent the afternoon at Klein Genot’s restaurant on Saturday for a friend’s 30th. The place is beautifully decorated and is very stylish. The wine list was ample and not too badly priced – I think the house white is La Petit Ferme Blanc Fume and it’s R25/glass or R100/bottle. The lunch was outstanding and the service was great.

    What’s nice about it too is they have a balcony and function room which are slightly separate from the main restaurant so it’s ideal if you’re having a private party or event.

  5. Profile photo of Anel Grobler

    So, they charge R20 per tasting per wine. What? Yes, R20 per wine that you taste. (and no, it’s not a full glass)

    I asked the lady with the Mickey Mouse jersey if the wine is made out of gold or something. NO.They have 4 red wines on tasting. The one wine was R138 a bottle and the other 3 wines were R68 a bottle. So instead of spending R80 per person per tasting (we were 2 people = R160) I can rather buy 2 bottles x R68 = R140. The tasting fee is also not refundable on purchase. Needless to say that we did not taste or purchase anything.

    They have a restaurant upstairs that looked very posh. I wonder what a glass of wine will cost you there, maybe R80? They obviously try to target the clueless overseas visitors or the super rich. No problem I guess, but then you must act super stylish in all aspects of your business and not allow your staff to dress up in Disneyland-character jerseys. A complete RIP OFF!