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  1. Profile photo of Paddii Mbudzi

    Absolutely super place. The setting is wonderful and the wine is all good, some of it (the Reserve range of Nine Yards, Mellifera and Cobbler’s Hill) are simply stunning. Highly recommended.

  2. Profile photo of Damien Mocke

    My girlfriend and I visited this farm last weekend for their summer wine fest. What an experience! The cellar tour, combined with the barrel tasting and then the presentation of their CWG wines hosted by Gary jordan himself. Will definitely be back!

  3. Profile photo of Diana Procter

    This is a destination winery, at the end of a road filled with interesting farms to visit. For a fee (negated on purchase) you can taste any six wines in the range – including the super premium Cobblers Hill and Nine Yards. The tasting room assistant was friendly and well informed. We stayed for lunch at the restaurant, which was an amazing gastronomic treat, and also with well-trained, efficient, friendly staff.

  4. Profile photo of Jan Langenhoven

    What a wonderfull tasting the blondy realy knew the wines and the wine making process.We then went for a meal at the restaurant. This is realy somethin g I would sugest to any person who realy enjoy good food. We also got to taste a 2003 Hermitage that Mr Jorden was drinking with a friend and there wives. What a treat.

  5. Profile photo of Paul Kruger

    Absolutely fantastic, every time. An ever-green favourite of mine.
    Stunning setting, not flash, but very tasteful. Beautiful views delight.
    And I’ve eaten at the restaurant four times- with super chef George Jardin at the helm ( of Jardine’s on Bree in Cape Town), you can’t go wrong. beatifully presented, portions can be somewhat dainty, but absolutely delicious, with imaginative flavour and texture combinations.

    The wines: Gary nad Cathy Jordan take a very hands on approach to everything at the farm, and it shows. Gary and his team craft some really superb wines. Lovely new labels too. Have never tasted the entry level Bradgate range, always start with the excellent value-for-money Chameleon range, and build up to the premuim reserves through the Jordan range. The Chameleon Sauvignon-Chardonnay has been a favour of mine since I first started appreciating wines around the age of sixteen. Interesting and tasty: when it’s served very cold the Sauvignon pyrazines ( esters) dominate the flavour ( grassy, mineral, green pepper etc), then as it warms in the glass you start to pick up the fresh citrus flavours of the chardonnay.

    Next move onto the Jordan range. Love all of the wines here. Lately have been really into the unwooded Chardonnay. Fresh and zesty, with lively citrus flavours, some tropical fruit too.
    Great wooded Chenin, although I’ve gone off this style in general a tad. excellent Sauvignon!!!
    The reds- all delicious. CAb and Syrah are beautiful, and the Merlot is herbacious and almost green- but in a good way. All ther reds have well-structered tannins, which indicate a very good aging potential. Have a couple in the collection at home which I’m trying to age- looking foward to the 2004 Syrah, which I’ll probaly pop sometime this winter. The vintages for tasting are more current though, around ’07. Honestly though, can never decide which red I like best there, so buying is always a toss up, and tricky.

    If you’re lucky on the day, they’ll have the reserves open- particualry the Nine Yards Chardonnay, and the Cobblers Hill Red (Bourdeaux-style blend). These wines are simply ethereal. The Noble Late Harvest. Milleufera rounds off a delight of a tasting- delicious, but with a good acidity so as to balance the sweet honey, glazed fruit and raisen flavours- not sticky or cloying, just very yum.

    The staff are always friendly, presentable and well-informed. There have been some pretty hostesses over the years too ( Anli comes to mind : ); just a pleasant added touch.

    I was very lucky a few months ago to have a personalised tasting hosted by Gary Jordan himself ( for our wine club, in which we have monthly tastings hosted by the winemakers at the estates.) This was one of the best tastings yet. He opened older chardonnays that he had hand-crafted in minuscule quantities for the Cape Winemakers Guild, some of the best wines I’ve ever tasted. He presented his wines in a soft-spoken, modest way. Wonderful, considering he’s one of the top SA winemakers, but not arrogant even in the slightest!

    I’ll probably be a Jordan fan for life.

  6. Profile photo of Maggie Mostert

    Beautiful farm – peaceful and tranquil. The picnic area is one of the few where you are still allowed to bring your own food. The tasting room staff are friendly and enthusiastic. The 9 Yards is one of my favourite chardonnays.

  7. Profile photo of Carla Swanson

    Om te Jordan of nie te-Jordan nie, is lankal nie meer die vraag nie. Die Jordan duo, Gary en Kathy, se filsofie strek veel wyer as wyn. Verkleurmannetjies en Biodiversiteit word sterk ondersteun. Voeg manjifieke wyne daarby soos die Cobblers Hill en Nine Yards Chardonny wat legendariese status verwerf het, en jy het ‘n wenwynplaas. Die pad soontoe alleen is salwing vir die gees… Doen jouself ‘n guns en verbly jou hart EN palet met Jordan se wyne.

  8. Profile photo of Gary Jordan

    The Jordan Restaurant hosted by George Jardine provides a whole new experience at Jordan Wine Estate. Relax at the restaurant, or enjoy the tasting outside under the trees. The 2005 Cobblers Hill received 5 stars in the 2010 Platter Guide and is available for tasting! Named after Gary’s great grandfather, this Bordeaux-style red blend is a must-taste!

  9. Profile photo of Glenn Johnson

    Very impressed with this wine farm. I concur with Mr. Richards that it is a great all round experience. The Chameleon Cab sav Merlot 2006 is one of my favorites.

  10. Profile photo of Gareth Richards

    Scenery is great, people are friendly and knowledgeable, and the wines superb. Their Merlot is one of my all time favorite wines. The first time I went we got a personal tour of the cellar by Gary Jordan, got to taste some wine straight from the casks. Best experience ever.

  11. Profile photo of Mark Pryce

    We rated this farm highly. Very nice setting although the signage is almost non existant. The quality of their wines was excellent and well priced. Trip was made by very friendly hosts who were accomodating and infomative. Ended up spending over an hour there tasting all the wines in a quiet comfortable envirnoment.

  12. Profile photo of Bryan Casson

    One of my favorite of all wines, a visit to the farm was one that I will always remember, the people are kind and the quality is superb, they have a wine for every taste

  13. Profile photo of Devin Lester

    Love this farm (got engaged to my wife while picnicking at the dam here), can recommend their chardonnay and the easy drinking chameleon reds. Cobblers Hill red is delicious but pricey!

  14. Profile photo of Anel Grobler

    Jordan Winery is well known for their spectacular panoramic views of Table Mountain, False Bay and Stellenbosch. I did not see any of those from where I was standing, but there was a nice big pond with green grass all around.

    We where welcomed by Megan when we entered the tasting room. She was friendly and knew all the wine lingo blah-blah. Unfortunately it felt as if we were standing at a busy bar with one bar lady.

    The wines available for tasting were easy drinking, but pricey for easy drinking wine.

    Let’s not forget the fact that it was 40 in the shade and that there were 15 people in a tasting room with NO AIRCON! Surely they can invest in one? Even a cheap fan from Hi-Fi Corporation would have helped! Will give them another try in the winter.