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    Our first stop on the day. There is a coffee shop with an outside area through the tasting room. Maybe a good idea but the entire tasting room smelled like chip oil. Not appetising at all. We went on to taste the wines which all fell in that “cheap and cheerful” range. Nice braai wine but not something you would offer if you are trying to impress or indulge your guests.

    Prices were below the R40 mark on all if I remember correctly. And tasted accordingly. I bought a bottle of the Pinotage to try again properly and the Chenin, the tasting room lady’s favourite. When served it was a bit warm but we drank it later that night at a braai and it was really good. Then i regretted not buying more at the price. Easy drinking braai wine.

    The most interesting part of the tasting was the Shiraz, not because of the wine but because of the fact that it is in a see through bottle. When I asked about it it was explained that the guy loading the bottles into the machine didn’t put in the green one and by the time they realised it, it was too late.

    So it has become an interesting talking point. I don’t think it’s something to really worry about as this isn’t really the kind of wine you want to lay down for years and years and worry about the light affecting it.