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  1. Profile photo of Vernon Versfeld

    Combined our tasting with lunch … Shiraz Rosé, Merlot and Shiraz. A superb meal in a busy but cosy restaurant, together with more Shiraz. Realy enjoyed this, and the Merlot. Apparently the restaurant staff are moving to a new (still secret) venue, en bloc. I would visit again … even if it’s just to test the new staffs’ abilities.

  2. Profile photo of Hennie Coetzee

    EPIC FAIL!!! Booked an appointment a week in advance and was duly accommodated on the long weekend. We arrive at the winery and phone the number given to us. We are told that they are too busy to come down to the winery, but we can come up to the guest house to taste. I don’t drive all the way to Wellington to drink wine in a guest house. For that I will remain at my guest house and drink wine there. The guest house lady ends up having no clue about wine or even about the Dunstone wines. We are told there’s 3 wines in the Dunstone range, and after having the first 2 (with hardly any information passed on) we sit and wait for the 3rd and we wait and wait and wait. Eventually she reemerges from inside, telling us that the Shiraz is not available to taste as it is too expensive. Mmmm…. ok… but tell me that up front please. Don’t make me sit like a lost fart in the wind waiting for it. Having specifically visited the place to taste Shiraz, we feel a little short changed. We buy a bottle of the Shiraz and are promptly charged a R10 per person tasting fee as well. This is not how you win friends for your brand. FAIL FAIL FAIL

  3. Profile photo of Maggie Mostert

    Made an appointment even though their brochure states they are open on Saturdays. Guest House cook/manager/person-who-does-everything told us to come to the guest house for the tasting (!). So much for making an appointment. She had very little knowledge of the wines (unsurprising) and went along her daily duties while ignoring (or forgetting about) us. Could not even taste the Shiraz (the reason we went). If this is how we (who up to now always purchased their wine at wine shows whenever we could) are treated, then I will treat them with the same disdain. Avoid avoid avoid.

  4. Profile photo of Maggie Ramage

    Always visit this wine estate when staying at the Bovlei Valley Retreat. The Shiraz deserves John Platter 5 stars. Also like the Dunstone Rose – brought some back to Scotland.

  5. Profile photo of Andrew Chigorimbo

    Popped by en route to Doolhof and what a great find it was. The tasting venue is a little corner in the small cellar. The manager/marketer/admin Lady gave us an informative and friendly tastingand we where joined by her 4 month old baby.
    The 3 wines are absolutely fantastic the only problem is the location wish they where closer to Stellenbosch i would be there everyday