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  1. Profile photo of Tom Magara

    Unfortunately the restaurant was closed on the day, so we only had a tasting there. The views were stunning. And further more great value for money wines as well.

  2. Profile photo of Heather Saunders

    I was impressed by their Methode Cap Classique. Definitely on my list of favourites for my next party. Stunning venue for events with gorgeous views where you can relax and be yourself. They can arrange a dance floor under the stars.

  3. Profile photo of Guy Thompson

    (Reviewed 20/08/2011)

    Although a favourite of mine in the area, the experience I had on Saturday was beyond my expectations. We arrived 15 minutes before they closed and instead of trying to rush us, the service staff in the tasting room, could only go beyond.

    We were walked through the range, given suggestions and tailored each persons tasting to their likes / dislikes. Once given the quick run though on the white wines they asked if we had a dry driver and then proceeded to give us generous sized red glasses, set up a table outside in the sun, closed up and said we can leave when we were done. (only request was to put our glasses into a box they provided) This is the type of service you don’t get. We were made to feel at home, relaxed and important.

    Thank you

  4. Profile photo of Jan Laubscher

    Beautiful view. On the particular busy December day the tasting experience was a bit out of control, but would still recommend a visit. The wines are just so very well priced

  5. Profile photo of Diana Procter

    Amazing views! Good prices and I like that they don’t release their wines too young – they keep them back a year or two to mature a bit in bottle. Makes the prices even more remarkable, and of course the wines drink better too. Restaurant didn’t disappoint and for added value, there’s the microbrewery’s beers to taste.

  6. Profile photo of Anel Grobler

    My first question to our host was: ” Why is the wine so cheap?” Her response: “Because we like people.”Rose Heywood obviously like people. See was friendly and although the tasting room was extremely busy, she managed to keep every one’s glasses full.

    We started with the Cap Classique which was nice and refreshing. The wines were all easy drinking and very affordable. I enjoyed the Merlot 2006 the most and of cause the great view over the Franschhoek valley.

  7. 3.0

    I must agree with Toni. The Merlot is a curious wine that had enough razzmatazz to pique my interest. Merlot isn’t my favourite yet this did something for me, but not enough to make me a fan. The tasting room gives a fantastic vista of the Franshoek Valley, which is great/

  8. 3.0

    Worth a visit. Nice range of wines. Nothing special on the whites but their merlot is very interesting and I liked the Shiraz so much I bought some. Big wine, very complex, stood out from the competition.

    The other reason to visit this vinyard is the great views of the valley that can be enjoyed from the restaurant terrace, or seats outside the tasting area.,