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  1. Profile photo of Shante Hutton

    Stunning. The driveway alone is remarkable. The wines are good, their chenin is very decent. They do the best chips at their restaurant but make sure you go with a full wallet…it’s very expensive

  2. Profile photo of Cindi Page

    It was pouring with rain when we parked off, taking up couch space at DG. With the fire going and some exceptional service (which felt more like personal attendance) we stayed and sipped wine, and tried the new air-rated decanter until the rain stopped. What a lovely experience.

    The statues and views stand out.

  3. Profile photo of Mike Freedman

    After a couple of indifferent tastings at nearby wineries, Delaire Graff more than rescued our day. My favourite views, stunning architecture, decor, art & sculpture. It is a glorious blend of opulence & taste. The tasting assistants are enthusiastic & knowledgeable – my favourite wines are the Chardonnay & Botmanskop – the chardonnay now surpassing local rivals. We had lunch on the terrace – food, service & views make this the new mark of excellence in the winelands. A tip o’ the hat.

  4. Profile photo of Vernon Versfeld

    A very pleasant tasting led by our hostess Michelle, who has completed CWA’s Intro course plus the Certificate course. Her knowledge of wine is well manifested and her friendly and open disposition made the tasting all the more enjoyable. Be aware that this winery charges a fee of R10 per wine tasted, with a minimum of 3 wines. Unlike most other wineries they DO NOT waive the fee on purchase, which can make the tasting a little expensive. The wines are premium though, with most being rated (Platter’s) with 4 stars upwards. My favourites were the Botmaskop 2008 (Bdx blend) and the Coastal Cuvée Sauv Blanc 2010. Would certainly recommend that you visit.

  5. Profile photo of Chris Weldon

    Amazing view! Opulent venue. I’ve been a couple of times and the service seems to have improved since the first visit. I was pleasantly surprised by the Rosé, which is a style of wine that I don’t normally like. The Chardonnay was my favourite. The Botmaskop red blend was quite good, but the Shiraz was far too smokey.

  6. Profile photo of Niel Muller

    The winery might be state-of-the-art and the views superb and so on and so forth, but the staff are shockingly uninterested in assisting anyone. The wines themselves are OK, but the aloof staff made this a very unpleasant experience.

  7. Profile photo of Lisa Harlow

    The most opulent wine farm I have visited. Therei s money in diamonds! Very expensive tasting @50R. Large pours so you can share and they did bring the no taster a glass of iced water. Not sure the quality of the wines matches the surroundings. The whites are better than the reds. But definitely worth a visit for the views alone and the posh loos!

  8. Profile photo of Kyle Smith

    We tasted the wines over a Christmas Eve dinner on the estate, the views from the restaurant area are just spectacular so I would recommend you leave this winery till late in the evening on your tasting experience just to watch the sun set over the valley. Wines are of an excellent quality with beautiful bouquets on the nose. Food at the restaurant was superb and is a great venue for a business lunch or a family get together.

  9. Profile photo of Penny Black

    Views = fantastic, Restaurant = posh, Wine tasting = fail, Wine quality = not more than average.

    Absolutely disappointing tasting experience. If you dressed like a casual wine taster keen for a easy-going wine tour you will find yourself surrounded by fancy nancies at the neighboring tables. Your wines(5) will be served to you on a plate one after another – not mentioning the everlasting time periods in between while your waiter is busy with his/her usual restaurant duties. The only reason for not leaving after the second glass is probably the 50 Rand you have to pay for your tasting. In my opinion it’s wasted time if you only want to taste a couple of wines.

  10. Profile photo of Melanie van Schalkwyk

    My sister and I went for dinner, gorgeous views and great food. At the end of the night we were the only 2 left in the restaurant not even close to 11 – ok it was mid week, the waiters started closing up and our bill was presented without asking -close to being ushered out the door!

  11. Profile photo of Diana Procter

    Stunning property and lovely wines, less expensive than I thought they would be given the luxuriousness of the tasting room. We were shocked at the R50 per person tasting fee for five wines and when we said we would pay for two tastings and share (we were four in our group), the assistant kindly poured for all four of us. And then the fee was waived when we bought wine. Five-star service.

  12. Profile photo of Matthew Kent

    On the plus side: Lovely views, comfortable couches, knowledgable staff, and only the best finishes.
    On the negative: The tasting is R50 each. For 5 wines. 1 of those, the best in my opinion is the Shiraz. Which was not available to purchase when we were there. A glass of wine is R40. The same bottle is R85?

    I highly doubt I will go back.

  13. Profile photo of Karlin van der Vyver

    Awesome tasting room and a gorgeous farm!
    We were a large group winetasting and the staff were very accomodating!
    Lovely wines – great Rose
    When it came to the purchasing , everbody of the group of 17 PEOPLE wanted to purchase wine (atleast a case each)
    Then we were told our tasting fee (R50.00) would still be added onto each case of wine that we wanted to purchase – pretty disgusting!

    17 cases of wine + R50.00 per person (R850 ontop of the wine we want to purchase)
    All of us decided – well you can take your R50.00 and loose out of 17 cases of wine!

  14. Profile photo of Mark Pryce

    After having a very pleasant experience the first time I went to Delaire a few months ago I decided to take a few visitors from the UK back there recently. On the positive side, I think that the tasting room has great views and quality wines. However I need to highlight the poor experience that I recently had.
    1) We rushed to get there in time as we had read in the book that the tasting room closes at 5. We arrived at 4:32 on Sat to be told, “Sorry, we stop serving people at 4:30 and you are 2 minutes late” When I highlighted the fact that I had overseas visitors and that we were only 2 minutes over I was coldly told “that is our policy”. Well it is my policy not to buy wine from or take visitors back to farms that do not go out of their way for their customers. If you stop serving at 4:30 then change the book to 4:30.
    2) Our cold and disinterested host then stated. “You can still buy a bottle of wine and you can still have a glass of wine by the glass”. Not realising that these suggestions were mutually exclusive I thought that this was a good idea and bought a bottle expecting to share the bottle between the five people but was then told that I cannot drink the wine that I just bought there and had to order by the glass. I was shocked to find that my R80 bottle of wine was being charged at R40 PER GLASS in the same wine tasting room totalling R200 for our group. Now maybe this is just me but this is daylight robbery and it disgusts me.

    I am extremely disappointed at the attitude at this farm and will not take visitors back. Many other nice farms to choose from.

  15. Profile photo of Martin van Oordt

    Delaire Graff Estate

    Where style just is! Yes! Money did buy it … but damn, what a good job they did!

    This is original modern, not copied modern and is now officially at the top of my winefarms/estates when it comes to esthetics!! Gorgeous!! Fab!! Views to kill for and professional informative service. And to top it all decorative and tasteful art to die for so all in all a crime scene of ultimate, glorious splendour … A definite cigarette moment to take it all in!

    Like Vrede en Lust, Peter Falke, La Motte and all others in this class, Delaire is truly ‘above’ the rest …

  16. Profile photo of Anel Grobler

    When you enter Delaire it feels as if you enter a hotel lobby….a very, very pretty hotel lobby. With modern looks and expensive fitting one can not help but stare at the beauty around you.

    Our host Jacqueline van Wyk was friendly and knew the wines by heart. She started us of with the Cabernet Franc Rose and to date it’s the most expensive Rose I’ve come across at R65. We moved on to the 2 Sauvignon Blanc’s and my favourite out of the Whites was the Chardonnay 2008 @R98. The Shiraz was not to bad either at R80 and the Delaire Red 2006 was delicious. The wines were a bit overpriced, but they can probably not sell cheap wine at a place as good looking a this one.

    We had a great tasting experience and it’s definitely a MUST visit!

  17. Profile photo of Carla Swanson

    Draai al jou vooroordele teenoor die ‘ou’ Delaire toe in ‘n sakdoek en gooi dit oor jou linkerskouer of plak dit in jou plakboek. Want hier het ‘n nuwe imponerende wynlandgoed verrys, ‘n ware Phoenix.

    Vanaf die ingang, getooi in natuurlike boustene en gestapelde klipmure – omsoom met aardse aalwyne en fynbos, word dit duidelik dat baie tyd en geld hier geïnvesteer is. Bekwame personeel wys waar jy jou beskeie motor kan parkeer tussen die spogmotors. Bronsbeelde verfraai die tuine en met die intrapslag is jy oortuig jy het ‘n hotel betree – kristal en glas en steen en water wat kibbel in ‘n dubbelvolume ontvangslokaal. Kunswerke van wêreldberoemde kunstenaars, William Kentridge inkluis, is oral te bespeur.

    Jacqueline van Wyk is ons gasvrou wat ons in die luukse proelokaal – gevul met kunswerke en stylvolle meubels, verwelkom en begelei deur die wynproe. Die groep wynvlieë in die geselskap proe met geesdrif ses wyne elk, en ons vergelyk wynvoorkeure ensomeer. Ek proe detox-katspoegies van vier wyne: die 09 Cabernet Franc Rose is besonders, en propvol kersie. Die 09 Coastal Sauvignon Blanc is lieflik vars alhoewel die neus skaam is. Die sagte 07 Shiraz bekoor en die 06 Delaire Red (Bordeaux versnit) is ‘n vol, gebalanseerde wyn.

    Nou ja, as jy jouself of besoekende gaste wil bederf én wil beïndruk, besoek gerus dié plaas. Delaire is voorwaar ‘n belewenis!

  18. Profile photo of Stephan Steyn

    the place gave me a big wow when driving through, first notice for me went to the amazing panoramic views all around! as for the tasting venue itself, seems to look more and better than a hotel!
    the money was indeed well spent, nothing was too lavishing or over done, it was fancy and pleasant to sit and enjoy some good wines in the lounge, the hostess was informative and a delight to have, as for the wines, well the Sauvignon Blanc was indeed refreshing and elegant to drink, not the best in the world, but will certainly go well on a hot summers day! over to the reds, the Shiraz 2009 was indeed juicy and fruity and an easy wine to drink.. price wise the wines are worth it perhaps?

  19. Profile photo of Andrew Chigorimbo

    After months of construction and anticipation Delaire is finally open and they take the term Go big or go home to an all new level. The tasting room and restaurant are on a level of their own classy, fancy, neat, and beautifull view. The wines are also awesome and classic. almost on the same level as the tasting room.
    I think the moment you get into the gate you are inclined to be biased. anri our host was proffessional and a bit scripted.
    Only let down is the drive way leading upto the tasting venue and restaurant with all that money they could have made it a little wider.
    Well worth the visit