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  1. Profile photo of Guus Polderman

    After driving 3 hours on a dirt road from Kagga Kamma, we were there at 12.15 just after closing time for lunch, but they didn’t want to make an exception for a tasting and the lady was very pertinent and not kind at all.
    Probably they get too arrogant from their success, Customers don’t count anymore.

  2. Profile photo of Julie Anderson

    http://www.aminuteofwine.com was lucky enough to spend some time filming in harvest time 2011. The team at Cederberg are really amazing and their special energy is contagious… David Niewoud is fantastic on camera and in the films he tastes through his wines. We also filmed the farm and the mountains so check it out for a virtual visit!

  3. Profile photo of Jan Langenhoven

    Wonderfull tasting . You realy would want to taste there wines if you go there. Miles and miles off moonscape and then you drive into the farm. Book a weekend on the farm. Greate place you can also camp. This is a must visite.

  4. Profile photo of Diana Procter

    Well worth the long drive, through breathtakingly beautiful Cederberg scenery. Go prepared, as we did, with a picnic basket and the whole day to enjoy the outing. The tasting is done in the cellar, there’s no rush, Pieter was fun and a fountain of information, the wines are all excellent.

  5. Profile photo of Rolane Kotze

    I spent first few years of my life in Clanwilliam and have been in the Cederbergs so often before I was 18 years old, Its apart of who I am and always have been, The first time I climbed up to Wolfberg Boog I was 5years old, I grew up seeing Cederberg Cellar becoming the beauty that it is today, my dad knows the Nieuwoudt’s well, but now at least I’m allowed to enjoy the wine and not just the scenery , o yes and to feel even more proud….. The man standing on the rock… that’s my dad.

  6. Profile photo of Malcolm Applewhite

    So, what a weekend in the Cederberg! One of the many experiences that will definitely stand out for a long time is the amazing tasting at Cederberg Wines. Every one of the superbly hand-crafted wines were unforgetable! The one wine that does stand out for me has to be one of the the best non-bordeaux blends, the Cederberger……. AMAZING.
    An interesting fact about this farm is that the temperatures in the evenings are apparently cold enough to kill any form of virus or bacteria meaning that there is no need for pesticides.
    If you are out and about in the Cederberg you will not be dissapointed by the service, wine know how, scenary and last but not least, the WINES!

  7. Profile photo of Carla Swanson

    Die Nieuwoudt-familie maak al vir geslagte lank wyn in die Cederberge. David is ‘n puik gasheer, en skroom nie om jou uit die vate te laat proe nie. En terwyl jy jou 4×4 se tenk vol brandstof vul by een van die min vulstasies in die kontrei, is dit ‘n gulde geleentheid om die bak met wyne te laai. Hiedie wyne is besonders, en pryswenners op die koop toe. Voeg daarby omgewingsbewsutheid-en-bewaring en jy het ‘n wenresep. In ‘n liga van hul eie.

  8. Profile photo of Andrew Chigorimbo

    Lonely farm all the way in cederberg which is apparently the highest vineyard in South Africa. and hence the wines supposedly benefit a lot. the wines do live upto expectation they are all fantastic from the chenin to the shiraz wow! you actually forget that you are tasting the wine in a very simple tasting room which is not so exciting wine maker and owner hosted us cheerful and friendly. Its absolutely worth the treacherous drive 40km of gravel