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  1. Profile photo of Cheryce Hall

    Loved it! Our host was amazing, he let us taste more wines than we bargained for, ended up buying a whole case (which is a lot for us) – loved the Zinfandel and Malbec. The Sauv Blanc is out of this world! We also had a complimentary taste of their 10 and 15/20? year old brandy at the end – will be back to buy some of that! My cousin got married at this farm, it’s BEAUTIFUL :)

  2. Profile photo of Tom Magara

    Another rushed tasting. It was a decent tasting, nothing out of the ordinary. Their Zinfandels are interesting to have. Our lovely host offered us a complimentary taste of their 10 year old brandy at the end.

  3. Profile photo of Ann-Marie Breen

    It was more like a bar than a wine tasting place, loud music, staff more interested in each other than the clients. The atmosphere wasn’t ideal for tasting seriously so not a place for people keen on their wines.

  4. Profile photo of Alana van der Merwe

    beautiful estate with lots of history.. went here with some friends and we enjoyed the wines, we took our time, walking around and asking questions as we went. did feel the staff could have been a bit more enthusiastic but it was relatively busy the time we went…

  5. Profile photo of Edward Hyde

    Best of Blaauwklippen? The Paulaner Weissbier! Sit in the beer garden on a hot summer day and enjoy a fresh German beer, or watch the rugby/soccer matches in their cellar atmosphere.

    Whatever you do, don’t bother with the wines. Or with the rather disappointing lunch, for that matter. Although the Zinfandel 06 wasn’t too bad, admittedly.

  6. Profile photo of Martin van Oordt

    They did seem to be prepared for the Wine Fest but not the masses of ‘manne’ (usually watches rugby on Saturdays) that showed up to watch the soccer game. This was our last stop during the Stellies Wine Fest and we kicked off with a tasting conducted by Wayne that has become an institution at this beautiful farm. I still loved the Zinfandel and Cabrolet but this is where the good part of our experience ended unfortunately. Everytime I come here I pray to Bacchus that they would get it right and everytime something happens (which I’m sure others will comment on) that embarrasses you in front of the friends you’d like to impress. I give up. I’m fina!!

  7. Profile photo of Carla Swanson

    Dié historiese plaas was laaste op ons proelys vir die Helderberg Wynfees. Blaauwklippen het ‘n verskeidenheid van aktiwiteite aangebied tydens die fees, met ‘n “Local is Lekker”-spyskaart in die Barouche restaurant, trekker-en perdekarritte, ‘n kunsvlytmark, en antiekeware te koop. Ek het amper my hart op ‘n stel silwer teepotte verloor, en toe die boeretroos eerder verruil vir ‘n wynproe by die wynsentrum.

    Ons het die Cabriolet 05 en die Shiraz 06 van die Blaauwklippen Vineyard Selection geproe, en toe die Barouche 05 van die Blaauwklippen Culitivar Selection. Die Shiraz was my gunsteling – swaar en donker en gebalanseerd.

    Alhoewel daar net ‘n enkele paar tafels in die proelokaal was om te bedien, met ‘n volle vier personeellede aan diens, was die diens maar treurig, en het ons onder ene Deoné se vlymskerp tong deurgeloop. Die proelokaal kom voor as gekommersialiseerd met verveelde, kwaai personeel.

    Die soet Noble Late Harvest-proe het darem vertroosting gebied: die Viognier 07 is bedien met ‘n katspoegie van ‘n blokkie brosbrood; die Malbec 08 is gekomplimenteer met ‘n fraaie kersiesjokelade en die Zinfandel 08 is vergesel met sjokelademousse gerol in ‘n ligte deegkombersie. Nou ja, nou is ek ook ‘n Noble Late Harvest (NLH)-bekeerde! Hoekom het ek nog nooit ‘n rooi NLH geproe nie? Die donkerrooi nektardruppels is direk vanaf die gode! Die soeteverleidinge was in baie ruim skote bedien; en teen R130 – R180 vir ‘n 375ml bottel, was die proe ‘n weggee.

    Ten spyte van die diens, het ons die naweek aan die voet van die Heldberg op ‘n soet, hoë noot afgesluit.

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    a really great place, with a lovelly tasting center to be in!! the selection of wines for tasting are also very good! and well worth buying!! the staff their are also very nice to chat with and well informed about the wines they sell!!

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    Stay away from this farm on Sundays, they cater for the tour bus groups – Part of the Arabella Hotels so most of the guest is directed here.
    Not much attention at the tasting room seems everyone is to geared for the group arrival.

  10. Profile photo of Anel Grobler

    Beautiful setting, but completely ruined by arrogant staff behind the counter.

    They consisted out of 3 “barmen” that paid more attention to the glasses that they were polishing, than the tourists at the tables. We received no information about the estate or the wine. I don’t know why I had to pick 5 wines in the beginning, cause I had to repeat my choice every time I went back to the bar counter. We eventually left before we finished our tasting, because they made us feel unwelcome.

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    We visited Blaauwklippen on our trip to SA from the US. The wine was fantastic but what was even better was the service. Jaime was our “wine expert”. Not only was she knowledgeable about their wines and wine in general, she was friendly and welcoming. She made the whole experience educational and fun. Blaauwklippen was our favorite vineyard by far. We even made it back to the US with a few bottles that we are saving to celebrate a special occasion.

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    Ek hoop die bestuur van Blaauwklippen gaan nou n bietjie aandag gee,dit help nie daar word soveel uitgegee om die plek te bemark,maar die houding van die personeel is,ag ook net n werk nie.Soveel plase skeep die proelokale af.betaal personeel baie swak,so dan kry jy diens soos dit.Ja ek besoek Blaawklippen al meer as n jaar nie.Hoekom?!!! Diens moet oral opgeknap word.En as ek reg onthou was die plaas al in die nuus oor…………..Bele in jou personeel en die winste rol in.

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    My many visits and experiences at Blaauwklippen Vineyards have always enticed me to return and bring along more family and friends to enjoy not only the good food and wine, but to also totally relax and unwind in an environment conducive to lazy afternoons under the shady trees whilst sipping on your wine and savouring the delectable treats offered in Blaauwklippen’s famous picnic baskets.

    If you are looking for a perfect family outing then this is the place to go. Children are most welcome and are able to run and play freely allowing parents some much needed “me time” – so at the end of the day it is a “win win situation” and everybody is happy with this “one stop shop”.

    Exceptional service and quality/value for money are very important to me, and I have found that Blaauwklippen offers all of this and more. I recently celebrated my birthday there, and believe me, trying to ensure that all 18 of your guests are kept happy for an entire afternoon is no easy task, and my own personal perception, along with feedback from my family and friends, indicated to me that this wine estate not only provided exceptional service, but did so with a big friendly smile which in turn created some wonderful memories.

    This is a place that makes you want to come back for personal, friendly and exceptional service which does not cost you an “arm and a leg”.

    If I had to rate it I would definitely give it 8 superb glasses (8/10)

    If you have not visited Blaauwklippen yet, best you get there soon, as this is a little gem that still has not been properly discovered.

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    Well, well, well, What can I say!!!

    We arrived with very poor signage to a wine farm which seemed to have great potential. After mistakenly walking to the restaurant, as the couple before us, we made our way to the tasting room. Greeted by a barmen polishing glasses and two other staff members doing……, Well they were just there.

    We opted for outside and paid a tasting fee of R25 per person. After Very Little information we were given our wine and off we went to sit outside. After 15Min of no service my friend went inside to inquire. After been LAUGHED at we were told to ‘BRING OUR GLASSES BACK FOR ROUND 2″ !!!(Service with a Smile!!!)

    We did just so and I enquired about the Salami stick that was available. I was told to PAY UP FRONT IMMEDIATELY, as if I was gonna steal it. The Only friendly service provided however was the offer to snip open the package of the salami stick!!!

    We never completed our tasting and left immediately! The wine was Sour and Tasteless like the Farm and staff included!!!

    I would give it less then one if the rating allowed me and would Highly recommend no one waste their petrol or time as there are tons of wines farms who actually make an effort and care in the vicinity so my strict advise is

    GIVE IT A MISS!!!!!!!!!

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