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  1. Profile photo of Hetta van Vuuren

    The most beautiful Cellar I’ve ever seen, cold without any aircon, as it is two or three stories underground. Love the fact that they are organic!

  2. Profile photo of Leilani Sell

    Did the whole ecotour and the wines are dam fine!!!! Excuse the pun as they have filtering dams for water purification blah blah, check it out, it is something special. Oh and the cellar is 3 stories underground so no cooling needed, real carbon neutral what what

  3. Profile photo of Diana Procter

    Lovely, peaceful tasting on a public holiday Monday after Christmas. We were not raced through the wines, the pace may have been too slow for some, but it was perfect for our mood. Favourite wines were the Syrah, Owl House Cabernet and the Graham blend. Oh, and they’re organic, which is a big plus.

  4. Profile photo of Natalie Marco

    Fantastic wine tasting experience. We were the only people there but that didn’t bother us at all. We felt very priviledged to be able to taste 2 wines that weren’t on the list for tasting. The reds were good but the whites and rosé impressed us. For being organic we thought the prices would be much higher but lukcily they weren’t. The view is far stretching and promoted a relaxing Saturday afternoon.

  5. Profile photo of Andrew Chigorimbo

    Beautiful old classic look and feel around this farm over populated with flowers on the sourounds.
    The wines are not as clasic as the setting but they are impressive. Nicole gave us a 5 star asting and my brother was happy that this was his first wine farm visit.

  6. Profile photo of Anel Grobler

    I have probably been to Avondale 10 times already and I’m not going to stop any time soon. There is just something special about Avondale that makes you want to go back again and again. Maybe it’s their Muscat or the fact that one can drink quite a bit of their wine and still wake up the next morning feeling fresh.

    Maybe it’s the super friendly and chatty staff. Back in the days we were served by Marco. We were such regulars that we were on first name basis eventually. Unfortunately he no longer works there, but left us in the capable hands of Nichole Everts. She was friendly, chatty and informative.

    The tasting room itself is big and the antique furniture creates a nice vibe.

    Avondale’s vines are bio-logic and organic.“Bio-Logic” means that they farm in accordance with organic principles or adhere to the bio-friendly way of natural farming. We started of our tasting with the first Organic (Bio logic) Methode Cap Classic in South Africa. We then went over to the red wines and compaired their different Syraz. They were all great! Jonty’s Duck is their certified organic wine which is a red blend.

    It was difficult to decide which wines to buy at the end, because our car can only fit so many bottles. This means that we will just have to go back on a regular basis, to ensure that our collection never run out of Avondale wine. MORE IS MORE!

  7. 1.5

    Avondale is an absolute gem. The off-the-beaten-track location is wonderful with stunning views of Paarl and its sorrounds. The Julia blend stood out for me and I also enjoyed the fruity Chenin Blanc despite it being slightly acidic.