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  1. Profile photo of Frikkie Nel

    Beautiful estate with fantastic views. Average wines over priced with the interesting White Cab and Noble Late harvest to mention. Good restaurant but very expensive.

  2. Profile photo of Irvin Sammons

    This is a ten out of a ten place! The wine tasting was just the best experience as compared to a good few other farms we went to. We had a great amount of attention and ladies there were full of knowledge! The wines were also exceptional for their respective years… and left with an order of 48 bottles!

  3. Profile photo of Jacques Weidemann

    Wow, the owner really pumped some serious money into this place…restaurant good but very expensive, and the wines are not there yet…but if they follow the same professional approach as they did with the building and restaurant then we can expect great wines in the future.

  4. Profile photo of Hennie Coetzee

    Beautiful estate with fantastic views. Tasting room ties in with the no expense spared hotel. Not crazy about the tasting room attendant dumping our wines on us with a tasting sheet and telling us to ask if we have questions. Why is she there? They can just as well employ a barman. The wines I found decidedly mediocre, with even the flagship R500 a bottle Avalon not worth the drive. Not sure what they are attempting with the wines, but they do all taste jammy and are rather insipid. Not at all blown away.

  5. Profile photo of Maggie Mostert

    Beautiful setting. Wines average and over priced. Tasting room attendant poured the wines, stuck it in a tray and gave us a printed sheet so we could “read for ourselves…”.

  6. Profile photo of Marion Lille

    I really like how they serve you all the wine at the same time in separate glasses. It makes it easy to compare the different wines you’ve chosen to taste. Having said that, the quality of the wine left a lot to be desired. The Ivory was quite good, but the others were somewhat disappointing. They have an interesting wine, the Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc, which is a blanc de noir. After tasting it I realised why white wine is not often made with Cabernet Sauvignon grapes: it really does not work.

  7. Profile photo of Cheryce Hall

    Asara was a brilliant farm! Loved the way they arranged the glasses in order on the sheet of paper after you chose the wines you want to taste. My friend and I chose different wines and tasted from each others’ as well, and ended up buying opposites! We had so much fun! I loved the view and the vineyards and I personally thought it was one of the best wines I had ever tasted! From the Ivory to the blended reds were awesome! I just can’t believe that this farm only rates an average of 6.73 swallows!

  8. Profile photo of Mark Pryce

    Loved this farm for the good quality of wines and superb restaurant setting. Still bothers me that they mark the wine up by 100% at the restaurant when you can see the cellar 30m away selling the wine at half the price

  9. Profile photo of Neil Bent

    Been back here with good company and really enjoyed it. I like that they bring out all your wines and you can then drink them at your own leasure, and, should you have any questions, the tasting ladies (I don’t thing they hire guys at the tasting room) are more than willing to help you. Had the Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc this time and don’t really get it. Nice tasting nontheless.

  10. Profile photo of Neil Bent

    This is a nice winery, but prices in the gift shop is crazy. They make a nice Cape blend and are willing to offer specials for certain events, which is nice of them. Great venue and view from the top notch position. Unfortunately a little bit average though.

  11. Profile photo of Hester Gikas

    They have changed their tasting room hours to suit the off-peak tourist season, but this is unfortunate for those of us still visiting and finding that what the Stellenbosch Wine Routes booklet 2009 says is incorrect. It’s irritating, almost like having your American Express Card refused by a wine farm on the American Express Wine Route!

  12. Profile photo of Andrew Chigorimbo

    Since the revamp they have taken away from the original soul of the wine route. Asara is now officially a cloud pleaser i figure its only a matter of time before their prices are as astronomical as their tasting fee or a cocktail at zanziber.

  13. Profile photo of Anel Grobler

    Asara is another Wine Estate on the Stellenbosch Hills wine route that got a face lift since my last visit. They are way bigger with a new restaurant, a delicatessen shop and a huge tasting room. They went for the Tuscan Villa look, which does not really suite the Stellenbosch area. It feels as if you are visiting an upmarket Ratanga Junction, it’s just missing the rides.

    The staff in the tasting room were friendly but uninformed. They did not know much about the wine or the history of the estate. We were referred to the brochure, on all of our questions. You can pick 5 wines to taste and then they bring it on one of those 1,2,3,4,5 laminated sheets. The planned their list quite well, because you get the best wine first, so after that everything taste good. The quality of their wines were excellent though and it made up for the uniformed staff and fake Spanish look.

  14. Profile photo of Anel Grobler

    Must say that I had a GREAT Asara Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 last night. Gonna definitely try to get my hands on a few more bottles! Yum Yum Yum!

  15. Profile photo of Anel Grobler

    The wine is good, but the atmosphere is limited. My boyfriend said that they are almost like a Playboy bunny with a lot of plastic surgery…..still good. I preferred the old tasting cellar though.