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  1. Profile photo of Cheryce Hall

    Enjoyed this farm. Our host Nicky was very sweet, friendly and informative. I really enjoyed the Cabernet Franc Blanc de Noir and the Barbera was something different. I also loved the antique feeling. Something different.

  2. Profile photo of Vernon Versfeld

    A unique tasting room, full of memorabilia photo’s of previous owners although this farm has been in the same family for several generations. Unfortunately we arrived together with several other groups resulting in a full house and because of this, we lost the attention of our hostess. It was great however to pick conversations with other tasters, all of whom we did not know. Clearly a favoured hobby among many! I was disappointed in the Barbera, a cultivar from Piedmont in the NW of Italy but really enjoyed their Shiraz and Cab Sauv. The winery has a restaurant which looks very appealing. If you want to have lunch here, make sure that you book ahead.

  3. Profile photo of Christine Andrews

    I like this winery because it doesn’t have the most fantastic appearance, but when you get inside, the experience is great. I like the factit’s old and has it’s own unique touch.
    The wine was nice here, and the lady serving us was very informative and friendly. I liked the Methode Cap Classique and 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon. I think this winery is a hidden gem.
    Be sure to check out my review on this winery and many others on http://westerncapewineries.blogspot.com.

  4. Profile photo of Leilani Sell

    Very old school, which I actually like. I find the wines interesting to taste, not the same old boring stuff. But I don’t think the presenter said more than “this is our ……” and poured the wine.

  5. Profile photo of Robyn Saul

    Altydgedacht have a nice range of wines to taste and a few unusual offerings – although the tasting room could do with an expansion, or an upgrade.

    On a warm day I have to confess that I was enjoying the cooler offerings of the Cab Franc Rose and their light bodied Gamay Noir – both representing excellent value for money. I’d advise taking a visit in slightly more temperate weather, though, as the reds were a little hard to appreciate in the heat.

  6. Profile photo of Danny Stephens

    Erm…. it was 33 degrees outside, and not too far off that inside. Quite why the staff then felt the need to keep the whites and rose out of the fridge on a near-permanent basis is beyond me, but there was no danger of tasting anything other than cough medicine at that temperature – a shame, as somewhere under it all, the rose seemed like it might have something to offer. The reds were too warm too and the explanation was far more a sales pitch cast in a particular direction than any form of tangible knowledge or idea of how to taste. Yes the barbera is rare here, but no, that does not mean I am going to think it is earth-shattering (especially not when it feels like it’s been stored in a sauna). If the wines are good – popular opinion points in that direction – it’s probably time the winery got a bit of facility and informed service to back them up. On the basis of this visit, I’m unlikely to see their wines without an involuntary shudder in the future.

  7. Profile photo of Kyle Smith

    Excellent setting down a dusty road through a mini forest to the picturesque venue. Although I never tasted the wines I had a Shiraz with my meal at the brilliant restaurant, superb food at reasonable prices. A must try for a little wine and dine in the sun.

  8. Profile photo of Douglas Swanson

    Popped in again to check out the latest vintages, met Mrs Parker who told us the whole history of the old farm. They could teach the tasting room staff more about their wines and wines in general, otherwaise a nice tasting. Barbera is still a great wine here.

  9. Profile photo of Leslie Calderwood

    Actually this lovely wine farm is walking distance from me 🙂 So I want everyone to know I am not making any comments based on Local knowledge or favour,I am an Irishman afterall:-)
    So you drive in through the real orange dirt track “Real Farm” entrance, the trees hiding glimpses of the stunning backdrop off the Drakensteins from Van Riebeeckshof or the Ridge road . Truly breathtaking scenery.
    A very knowledgeable and friendly Marilyn escorted me through the wines on offer and she is good at her job ! The room has a laid back feel with a few old photos of the historical nature of the area. I like the little Durbanville Booklet. Nice touch that
    The 2010 Sauvignon Blanc is a Crisp wine with fruity & pepper nose ..slight effervescence which I like ,great value at 50 rand a bottle.
    The 2005 Barbara has the Italian feel which you either love or dislike.. Depends on your food I suppose ,well balanced and is a good representation of this style.
    My favourite is the 2009 Pinotage which has a good smooth texture ,plum flavours and a touch of wood.. all in all a very acceptable Gargle with my Roast Duck for 75 rand a bottle 🙂
    Conclusion : very good value for money quality wine ,a little restaurant to boot and fabulous local scenery .Here are a few photos : http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=28776&l=9db92d1fe2&id=1821453548

  10. Profile photo of Jacques Weidemann

    The unpretentious of this historical estate in the Durbanville region adds to the appeal. The range of wines are not typical, interesting varietals like Gewurztraminer, Barbera and a Riesling Gewurtz blend, all very well priced. Also the cellar where the legendary George Spies Cabs were made so how can you mot visit this piece of Cape wine history? Winemaker Etienne Louw also produced a Gamay Noir this year which I will go and taste soon, seeing that this is one of two in our country (that I know of)

  11. Profile photo of Amorie Loots

    Experienced the tasting room cold and without personality. Maybe the miming tasting assistant contributed to our not to be repeated wine tasting. Have you ever had a wine tasting without a word being said, even we kept quite.

  12. Profile photo of Benjamin Foster

    I was recommended to visit by Jo and Carol at Derwent House Hotel in Cape Town (Excellent in every aspect by the way). Interesting and some extremely good wines were on show. Extremely good value across the range and I would say all the wines were better than acceptable in quality.
    The best wines are the 2009 Sauvignon and Gewurztraminer, with the Merlot, the Shiraz and the Barbera standing out amongst the reds. Friendly welcome.

  13. Profile photo of Neil Bent

    I enjoyed the trip to Altydgedacht. The wines were nice and the service was great. We got to taste some wines directly out of the tanks and vats (unfiltered), which is always very interesting. The gewurztraminer was great. The prices of wines are also reasonable… good wines at affordable prices.

  14. Profile photo of Malcolm Applewhite

    Wines are very reasonable. Don’t be fooled by the good pricing of their wines! Some wines are very good but others are a little dissapointing too! A must see when in the Durbanville wine valley though!

  15. Profile photo of Nelia Potgieter

    My parents never leave Cape Town without a visit to my mom’s favourite wine farm…. Being from Gauteng she loves “sweeter” wine (I know, shock, horror), and Altydgedacht has the perfect one for her… Unfortunately I forget the name now…. But my poor dad normally has to transport it by the box load back to Jozi!

  16. Profile photo of Anel Grobler

    One thing that I can definitely say about Altydgedacht is that their wine prices are the cheapest on the Durbanville wine route.They have a big variety to choose from and they even have some fresh veggies for sale. The tasting room was small and had a natural feel to it. Our host was friendly and informative and made our tasting fun and interesting. It’s not commercial at all and a nice one to visit if you want to get away from the overfull neighbouring Estates.

  17. 4.0

    One of my all time favourites on the route! Great service in the tasting room and fabulous wine especially the Barbera!!!!