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Quoin Rock

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45 votes, average: 7.16 out of 1045 votes, average: 7.16 out of 1045 votes, average: 7.16 out of 1045 votes, average: 7.16 out of 1045 votes, average: 7.16 out of 1045 votes, average: 7.16 out of 1045 votes, average: 7.16 out of 1045 votes, average: 7.16 out of 1045 votes, average: 7.16 out of 1045 votes, average: 7.16 out of 10

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Reviewed by Ann-Marie Breen - 9 January 2014 at 18:52
Master Winefly - 311 farms visited and 95 reviewed.

A gem of a place. Each wine quite delicious. Had a super personalised tasting in a laid back but stylish environment. Loved it!

Reviewed by Robyn Saul - 24 December 2013 at 11:29
Casual Winefly - 42 farms visited and 15 reviewed.

What a lovely tasting experience! Quoin Rock have a stylish and modern cellar and tasting room, with beautiful views from their outdoor deck, and yet are strangely quiet over a busy festive season. Their wines are excellent and we couldn’t leave without a few bottles, and we also took advantage of the cheese platter which was surprisingly generous. Service was slow, but in a very pleasant way that invited quietly lingering over a beautiful afternoon in a magnificent setting. Well worth the visit, and I heartily recommend to anyone and everyone!

Reviewed by Cindi Page - 13 August 2012 at 14:43
Casual Winefly - 35 farms visited and 15 reviewed.

We had an evening tasting in the underground lair- what a setting! Something out of a medieval King Authur period drama. The staff are keen to talk one through the wines. Being a Cab Franc fan, I really liked the Mendi.

Reviewed by Jacques Weidemann - 2 August 2010 at 18:13
Firefly - 196 farms visited and 146 reviewed.

Great service, and the white wines are truly one of the best in the area

Reviewed by Paul Kruger - 31 May 2010 at 13:26
Novice Winefly - 2 farms visited and 3 reviewed.

An undiscovered gem!
I’ve been a fan of Quin Rock for some years now, tucked neatly between the ever-popular Delheim, Muratie and Knorhoek, I suspect they don’t enjoy the traffic they deserve.
The setting is beautiful; and the building is modern and lush, but not clinical or cold.
The views are of the best among the farms that are not high up on the slopes, instead you sit at the foot of Simonsberg, with stunning views up.

They have interesting wines too. A wooded Sauvignon/Viognier blend that excites, being something different. An absolutely superb Syrah, with a beatiful label: a painting by William Kentridge. The Syrah is velvety and smooth, with rich, warm dessert spice characteristics- cinnamon, cloves and christams cake. They also do a fine MCC, with grapes grown in the cool Elim region, which comes through in the crisp and fresh palate.

The staff are friendly and knowlegable.
An all-round winner, and a lovely visit every time.

Reviewed by Maggie Mostert - 16 May 2010 at 19:00
Firefly - 222 farms visited and 197 reviewed.

Beautiful setting. Friendly staff. Fabulous MCC.

Reviewed by Hennie Coetzee - 19 March 2010 at 23:21
Super Winefly - 255 farms visited and 188 reviewed.

Awesome tasting experience. Love the Sauvignon, Syrah and the MCC.

Reviewed by Martin Oordt - 21 February 2010 at 10:56
Explorer Winefly - 113 farms visited and 106 reviewed.

Craig was our host with the most at this stop, the most info, the most interesting facts and the most interesting skinner of and about the local industry. This was more of a lunch stop than a wine tasting stop and we got to try their sushi which was as good, if not better, than some of the best sushi I have tried in town. This is a truly awesome place which ‘rocks’ with character and even though you’re nowhere close to the ocean, it does feel like you’re sitting at some zuush restaurant close by, but instead of the ocean, the splendid valley below overlooked by intimidating mountains.

Reviewed by Madame de Wyn - 8 December 2009 at 18:11
Secret Winefly - 369 farms visited and 468 reviewed.

We had some truly delicious sushi here on Sunday before the Killers concert. A great treat and not even that expensive. Our bill came to only R330 for 3 people and we had platters on platters of sushi.

We also tried their MCC which is the first MCC from the Cape Agulhas area. My favourite out of the bunch was the William Kentridge Syrah 2005 @R145. Our host Craig Smithers was a darling and made our time there an absolute bliss.

What a great way to spend a summer afternoon! Will go back any-day!

Reviewed by Stephan Steyn - 15 July 2009 at 23:26
Discoverer Winefly - 63 farms visited and 44 reviewed.

the Vineyards in Elim are amazing with great views! and friendly Staff, the wines showing great promise, the Shiraz being my favorite at the time, but taste in wine is personal!

Reviewed by Andrew Chigorimbo - 20 May 2009 at 16:08
Secret Winefly - 380 farms visited and 304 reviewed.

Visited both farms the one in Elim and the one in Stellenbosch. thier blends show that yes with a little magic the two climates can make for some awesome wines.
Think the MCC was a bit premature but shows a lot of promise.

Reviewed by Madame de Wyn - 17 May 2009 at 13:08
Secret Winefly - 369 farms visited and 468 reviewed.

Quoin Rock is a beautiful Wine Estate with a lovely tasting room. The interior is a bit “Biggie Best”, which I am not a fan of, but in this case I’ll make an exception. I absolutely loved the place. The view was absolutely breathtaking.

Our host was very friendly and I really enjoyed the tasting. The tasting room created a homely atmosphere and I imagined it to be my living room….if only! I had such a good time, that I misplaced the pictures that I took that day……all the more reason for a re-visit.

Reviewed by Lisa Harlow - 10 March 2009 at 14:22
Casual Winefly - 0 farms visited and 289 reviewed.

Beautiful setting and cheese platters available. Very informative. E mailed them a few days bfore and arranged a cellar tour, which was good. Memorable wines were their MCC Cape Algulhas – superb and up there with French champagne for me and their Sauvignon Blanc from Cape Algulhas

Reviewed by Madame De Wyn - 12 January 2009 at 18:23
Secret Winefly - 369 farms visited and 468 reviewed.

Love the view. This place has a great aura around it!

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Quoin Rock has not activate their winetimes Pressbox.

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